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September 7, John P. Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin is part fairy and part telepathic human, who falls in love with a year-old vampire, Bill Stephen Moyer. In , Moyer and Paquin married. After 80 episodes, the show concluded on August 24, Here are 10 things you might not have known about True Blood, on its 10th anniversary. Creator Alan Ball had to get a root canal and showed up 30 minutes early to his appointment. It had a very authentic Southern feel to it. At the time the book was under option to be made into a film, but when the option expired, Ball jumped at the chance. He filmed a pilot and two more episodes, and HBO green-lit the series. She wants to do this?

Alexander Skarsgård on starring in both Generation Kill and True Blood: interview

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True Blood is an American dark fantasy horror television series produced and created by Alan Ball and based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries, a series of novels by Charlaine Harris.. The series revolves around Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a telepathic waitress living in the rural town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Two years after the invention of a synthetic blood branded “Tru Blood.

In honor of the milestone anniversary, we’re checking up on the cast to find out what they’re up to now! Keep reading for more The telepathic waitress, who later discovers she’s part faerie, is intrigued by the mysterious Bill Compton, especially after she discovers she can’t read his mind. Yep, the former onscreen couple is still happily married in real life and live in Los Angeles with their twins, Charlie and Poppy.

His character, a former Confederate soldier who was turned into a vampire at the end of the Civil War, falls hard for Sookie. He and Anna are happily married and raising twins Charlie and Poppy. Stephen is also a dad to two older kids from previous relationships.

It’s a Wrap (Party) for True Blood

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There is so much to this stranger Eric, than is seen to the eye. When Sookie discovers what dark secrets he is hiding, dating back to her childhood, as well the dangers about the world they live in, will she be able to fully let him in and learn to love him? I am just a massive fan. Just a warning about if you’re going to read this, this story isn’t fluffy or sweet- at least, not until after a while. Eric is a darker character think sadistic and predatory in some ways, and gentle and patient in others , he’s actually rather duplicitous towards Sookie, but eventually it will all be revealed and work itself out.

I’m a big fan of stories like Let The Right One in, stories that portray the darker side and have an eerie feel to them, so that is what I’m trying for here. I’ve always wanted to write a story about the darker side of humanity, where someone has light inside of them as well a weakness or soft spot for someone, etc. As for Sookie, she is still ultimately what she is in the show, but her powers only develop and start showing once certain supernatural events occur and are known publicly. I was at holy Mass with my Grandmother, Adele.

My Grandmother was always big on religion, and I suppose I was raised that way, also. I’ll never forget the way he stared at me, from across the room.

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Aug 16, at 5: What else is there left for our favorite vampire sheriff to do? From Battleship to his recent indie flick The East, the actor seems to have quite the promising career ahead of him. Okay, yeah, Battleship wasn’t the best film He’s off to tackle a role in the much-anticipated movie The Giver, and slated to star in a remake of Tarzan.

Or maybe True Blood is just trying to psych us out and the lovable Eric will be back sooner than we think contracts willing. Rumors have been swirling since the start of Season 6 that Eric wasn’t going to make it through the season.

True Blood Preferences and Imagines

August 19, Caution: Tara, played by Rutina Wesley, was grossly underused this season, with appearances in the first two episodes and then brief moments in the following eight episodes. Their first conversation after being set free was, again, all about Eric. The future for Tara is even more uncertain: If Tara does survive, she and Pam will likely head back to Fangtasia where they will try to put the bar back together.

Product Description. In Bon Temps, everyone has something to hide. But when new threats emerge, no one can conceal the secrets of their past. After Sookie discovers Bill was kidnapped, she heads to Mississippi, where she becomes entangled in a world ruled by werewolves and a powerful Vampire King.

Yours by wannabewriter25 reviews Eric and Sookie were best friends through school. They wanted more and they wanted it together. It wasn’t meant to be. Eric had obligations to handle. He had to leave his one true love behind. Sookie came to terms with him being gone. Determination brings him home. Secrets could tear them apart. Is love enough for them this time? After twenty-five years of isolation and suspicion, Detective Sookie Stackhouse is forced out of her anti-social shell to try and clear her brother’s name.

Can our favorite Viking show her what she’s been hiding from all this time? M – English – Romance – Chapters: Plenty of roller coasters, proofread, beta approved, and lemons galore if you have a tinge of patience in you! True Blood – Rated:

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Stephen Moyer has spoken about the odds of a True Blood revival, saying: “It’s very possible.”. Stephen, who played Bill Compton on the show from to , told Digital Spy that the cast and.

Was this the greatest True Blood season finale ever? It turned its back on plot points and actually returned to character development, focusing on Bon Temps and giving time to the humans. Naturally, Warlow, the season-long villain, was taken out quickly and easily as the season villains always are , but it made some kind of sense here. Niall had been searching for him for thousands of years, and it was fitting he would come out of the portal to destroy him.

Things change quickly in True Blood four hours can be an eternity! Overall, the vampires were dealt with in an interesting way in the episode. Only Eric was left with an uncertain fate. The best thing that True Blood did though was not introduce yet another one-off supernatural villain for the upcoming season.

They roam from town to town feeding at will, sick and addled, thanks to a mutated virus that anyone could be carrying. The writers have been watching The Walking Dead, it seems.

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