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When Edward leaves Bella in the woods someone other than Sam finds her. And what secrets are the new kid in town hiding? For Twilight AU from the fight with James in the ballet studio. Don’t get me wrong I love Alice’s character but I kind of need her gone so please don’t kill me. He shook his head as he felt the rain begin to soak his shoulder length hair. Why did he have to stop in the rainiest town he’d seen since leaving Europe?

Excerpts from Poorly Written Fanfiction.

Sometimes anger is so much better than sorrow. M – English – Romance – Chapters: She’s his sweet temptation.

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Edward and Bella, separated by 70 floors of Twi Tech Tower, must fight to stop what could be an act of war. This is my first fic. No one sends Bella into a tailspin quite like Edward Cullen The ups and downs and all arounds. A girl’s gotta pay for college somehow, right? Come meet ‘Sugar Daddy’ Edward. Edward Cullen, once a scared orphaned boy is the leader of said rebellion and now Forks new King. He wants revenge for his parents deaths.

Isabella Swan, sister of the murderer finds herself as a pawn in a game of chess between the new King and her brother

Bella & Paul Stories

Here is a Harry who knows how to think and reason. Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Drama – Chapters: It’s harder when the one you broke up with is trying to kill you.

Chapter 8 of a Twilight – Drama/Romance fanfiction with characters Bella & Edward. Based on Stay by Sugarland. Bella is introduced to Edward and immediately feels the electricity.

I hope you like them as much as I have. Drive-By Flirtation by njwriter62 reviews Bella Swan’s commute to work is disrupted by a guy in a silver Volvo who cuts her off at the drive through coffee shop. Bella’s upset, but her friend Alice thinks its kind of cute. So begins a car and coffee-based flirtation. She doesn’t know who he is, and he doesn’t know who she is – or does he?

T – English – Romance – Chapters:

Twilight Arranged Marriage

Prey for the Wicked by Aleeab4u reviews A vampire finds the true meaning of temptation, an innocent beauty with a siren’s blood. Need and curiosity ignite endless possibility, but is she prey for the wicked or the answer to a prayer for salvation? When obsession has no reason and love knows no bounds, where do you draw the line?

During the Twilight craze, both me(12) and my sister(14) really loved it, now, I don’t know how she found it but she sent me a link to a Edward/Bella smut fic. In our defense, aside from being based on Twilight, it was a really good fic.

Now 6 years later, Edward returns to find that Bella’s been forced to live on the streets, will she be open to his help? Are the feelings still there? Will she keep herself isolated in her worry, or will she open herself up to the people around her longing to be close to her? Masen is afraid her head strong son, Edward, is headed to war so Bella takes it upon herself to get him to stay.

T – English – Romance – Chapters: When she’s hooked up on a double date with a quiet, gorgeous man, will her dreams become reality? When they grow older, will their friendship become something more? Stories from when they were little, through teen and adult years. T for later chapters. Edward and Bella live in two different worlds, even though they live next to each other. Things get complicated when Edward, the leather jacket wearing cigarette smoking rebel falls for the girl next door. Takes place after Eclipse.

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen

Her best friend is Katherine “Kate” Kavanagh, who writes for the college newspaper. Due to an illness, Kate is unable to interview year-old Christian Grey, a successful and wealthy Seattle entrepreneur, and asks Ana to take her place. Ana finds Christian attractive as well as intimidating. As a result, she stumbles through the interview and leaves Christian’s office believing it went poorly. Ana does not expect to meet Christian again, but he appears at the hardware store where she works.

While he purchases various items including cable ties, masking tape, and rope, Ana informs Christian that Kate would like some photographs to illustrate her article about him.

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Time to start future-dating these. So Bella comes home from her kidnapping and house arrI mean sleepover and Charlie has left her a note. The note is about calling Jacob. Apparently he feels really bad for telling Bella to go off and die instead of becoming a vampire. Bella has her mind set on laundry. First she figures Alice popped them in the wash, because, well, I guess we all have friends who, um, randomly do our laundry for us? But her clothes are not in the wash, and neither are they in her hamper.

I know you guys are on the edge of your seats here. He grabs Bella around the waist and pulls her into the kitchen, looking around for laundry thieves. Edward indicates that someone has been here, one of his people. I would hate for Victoria to sully her 0 line record for this series.

Does anyone have any good twilight fanfics?

Fan of the Week We have heard it from official sources that the new book in the Twilight series will be called “Rising Sun” and explore the relationship between Nessie Cullen and Jacob Black. Other rumours and predictions include It will be a boy and they call him Belward Alicob Cullen. It is still unclear if Belward will be a full vampire and what his special powers are. At twilightsauce we are asking ourselves, who she could imprint on if this is a character we have already seen in the books.

We believe that this will be Quil and Embry, because they always go together.

Bella Swan:Anti-marriage, bad dating record. Edward Cullen:CIA Agent with a dark past. After witnessing something traumatic Bella is put under witness .

Bella and Edward in biology. Later he finds it difficult to be around her; because even though he is a ” vegetarian ” vampire, her blood is more appealing than anything he’d ever tasted. The compelling desire is so overwhelming that he considers killing her, as well as the twenty other surrounding students, to remove all living witnesses. He attempts to change his biology class to avoid being with her, but fails since every other class is already full.

He believes her to be of interest because he cannot read her droll thoughts and dismiss her, as he has done for most of his vampire life. He temporarily runs away from her to Alaska, where he stays with the Denalis for a short while. Edward saves Bella from being crushed by Tyler’s van. The day after he returns, he saves Bella from being hit by a van, exposing his superhuman strength and speed.

Bella tries to confront him about it, but he refuses to tell her anything. Edward becomes increasingly infatuated with Bella, and can’t get her out of his mind. His infatuation with her reaches to the point that he sneaks into her room at night to watch her sleep. On the first night, while Bella is dreaming of Edward, she says his name in her sleep.

Edward then realizes that he loves her, and tries to get close to her again.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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“Drunk words are sober thoughts” One night was all he asked for. One night to prove that she could be the strong woman he knew she could be. But when a family emergency happens and Bella is forced to seek out Edward, can she forgive him his cruel words.


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Sharing Twilight Fanfiction Recommendations. Mr Perfect by ghostreader24 (@ghostreader24) ~ O/S Summary: When an unexpected event strikes the object of Bella’s every desire, a few little white lies help her find her one and only Mr. Perfect.


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Fifty Shades of Grey is a erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. It is the first instalment in the Fifty Shades trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance.


El chico del piso seis – Trailer – Fanfiction . Edward / Bella