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One occupational hazard of reporting on unexplained phenomena: You can always count on waking up in the morning to find an email from someone swearing that they’ve just seen Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a hybrid human alien or a UFO on the moon. I heard a squishing sound, looked over and saw this thing walking through the water and crouch down in the duck weed. It did not look like a guy in a suit — it was definitely an animal. I took this picture and got out of there as fast as I could. Rodriguez claims to have seen and photographed — in a completely clear and non-blurry moment — that tall, hairy, elusive creature often reported in North America and other parts of the world that goes by many names: In Florida, it’s known as the Swamp Ape or Skunk Ape primarily from descriptions of an extremely pungent odor it supposedly gives off. Just look at the jagged line between the hairy beast and the water.

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After the Queen’s Gambit went down in , Sara was presumed dead. After being rescued by Anthony Ivo and spending almost 2 years on the Amazo , and Lian Yu , she was recruited by the League of Assassins. She left the organization and returned to Starling City under the vigilante moniker the Canary, a translation of her League name as Ta-er al-Usfar Arabic:

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Yo mama Joke A gorilla was walking through the jungle when he came across a deer eating grass in a clearing. The gorilla roared, “Who is the king of the jungle? Soon he came across a zebra drinking at a water hole. Then he came across an elephant. With that, the elephant threw the gorilla across a tree and jumped on him. Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep with a teddy bear. He sleeps with a real bear. An animal that puts you out at night.

A frog with the measles! The man thought to himself, “Great, he’s four years old and I’m gonna have to start explaining the birds and bees now.

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Plans for a development with new homes and a new primary school are put forward for Miskin near Pontyclun Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A home development at Talbot Green that attracted hundreds of objections in an online petition has been given planning permission. Members of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s planning committee voted in favour of granting consent, subject to the signing of a Section agreement.

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Email Wildlife researchers said Tuesday that they’ve discovered , western lowland gorillas deep in the forests of the Republic of Congo, calling it a major increase in the animal’s estimated population. The Wildlife Conservation Society, based at the Bronx Zoo, and the Republic of Congo said their census counted the newly discovered gorillas in two areas of the northern part of the country covering 18, square miles.

The western lowland gorilla is a lumbering vegetarian. The apes discovered recently live in peaceful family units and were found in an almost inaccessible forest region, reports CBS News science and technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg. The area is three times the size of Connecticut and is known as the “green abyss”. But the animal’s numbers were believed to have fallen by at least 50 percent since then due to hunting and disease, researchers said.

The newly discovered gorilla population now puts their estimated numbers at between , to , The researchers in the central African nation of Republic of Congo – neighbor of the much larger Congo – worked out the population figures by counting the sleeping “nests” gorillas make. The creatures are too reclusive and shy to count individually. Craig Stanford, professor of anthropology and biology at the University of Southern California, said he is aware of the new study. Western lowland gorillas are one of four gorilla subspecies, which also include mountain gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas and Cross River gorillas.

All are labeled either endangered or critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. While calling the new census important, Stokes said it does not mean gorilla numbers in the wild are now safe.

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Robinson Making money off saps has always been the real American Dream, and by this measure Mike Cernovich is doing his best to truly live out our great national aspiration. One not might have thought the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump would make compelling raw material for a self-help franchise, but in MAGA Mindset: Over the course of the presidential campaign, Cernovich built up a reputation as the man too toxically right-wing for even FOX News.

Twitter, where he preaches to a swarm of over one hundred and fifty thousand followers. In his conspiratorial and misogynistic pronouncements, Cernovich is a run-of-the-mill creature of the online alt-right. He nevertheless makes for an interesting subspecimen, as one of the only fixtures of the movement to parlay his politics into a self-help brand.

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Edit Windsor is a highly intelligent lowland gorilla who serves as the anti-bully at the school and often gives confusing wisdom to people. He speaks in a soft-spoken and nearly monotonous manner, often stringing together technical words as a matter of his normal speech. When he talks, only the side of his mouth closest to the camera moves and the rest of his mouth remains closed.

He is usually seen with Slips and is generally shown to be the leader of the two. Windsor tends to relate with Adam’s troubles better than the rest of the school, having a good grasp of both human and animal worlds, although he occasionally gives in to his animal instincts as well. Currently, Margie has custody over Windsor and his brother. Windsor’s father never made an on-screen appearance, nor was we mentioned by name.

Windsor has is extremely protective and territorial, when it comes to his mother, and he instantly hates whoever becomes hew new boyfriend, as seen in ” Mandrill of the House “, when she started dating Mr.


Then her parents died and left her in the care of a beast. Ever since she lost her parents when she was eighteen, Charlie has had to put up with Simon Shae, whom her parents made the trustee of her inheritance. He’s grumpy and unsmiling and always Hannah has been waiting a long time for the love of her life to appear.

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They aren’t stared at by people. They value their privacy. Sir David, 90, said that he felt ‘deep, deep sympathy and sorrow’ for the gorilla Back on display: Gorilla Kumbuka pictured eating his lunch in front of visitors to London Zoo – one day after he smashed glass in his enclosure then escaped ‘through an open door Kumbuka sparked panic on Thursday when he escaped from the gorilla day room ‘To be subjected to They are not just animals.

They are related to us. Just imagine what it’s like to be there

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The man behind the drum-playing gorilla suit in Cadbury’s ad Last updated at The latest Cadbury’s commercial has taken Britain by storm since it launched last month. Scroll down for more But, until now, no one had identified the man behind the monkey suit — with many bloggers believing it was even Collins himself.

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It just comes with the territory. But I also hate to break it to you, but your penis pales in comparison to that of a pig, or even a green sea turtle for that matter. Animal penises man, a new horizon to make us feel inadequate. At least it should. Its penis is so big, one would think it impossible to escape predators with an inconvenient fifth leg. The tapir boasts a jaw-dropping 19 inches. Here you can see it using its penis to scratch its own back.

Curly and noodle-like, resembling its tail, the male pig has a notoriously impressive member. While 18 inches is the longest pig penis ever observed in nature, their genitalia usually hovers around the 9- to inch range. Much of that is due to its eye-popping turtle dong , which can grow to a highly respectable 12 inches. Boasting the largest baculum walrus boner of any land mammal, their penis bones hide under 2, pounds of fat only to be unleashed when a voluptuous female is nearby.

Behold, ye pee-pee voyeurs of the Internet, a walrus going to town on itself. Look how ashamed it is. It came from a species of walrus that died out 12, years ago.

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