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Молодые и голодные / Young & Hungry – Эпизод 2x20 Young & Younger Brother Part Two

  • Статус:
  • Эпизод:
    2x20 (30)
  • Название:
    Young & Younger Brother Part Two
  • Премьера:
    14 октября 2015 г.
  • Сценарист(ы):
    David Holden
  • Режиссер(ы):
    Andy Cadiff
  • Зрителей (всего):
    0,0 млн. ● 0,0 млн.
  • Зрителей (18-49):
    0,4 млн. ● 0,0 млн.
  • Рейтинг (18-49):
    0,3% ● 0,0%
Gabi is thrilled that Jake bought her a food truck and refuses to let Josh's doubts about their lack of a business plan discourage her. When it turns out that he was right and operating a food truck comes with a whole lot of problems and responsibilities, Gabi doesn't want him to know how much trouble they're in. Once the truth comes out, will Josh be able to put Gabi's happiness before his own feelings, or will he drive away the two people that matter most? Elliott & Alan must get a blessing from Rabbi Shapiro before they exchange vows, but he's not very impressed by what he sees. Elsewhere, Sofia and Yolanda each make a love connection at the reception.
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