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C.S.I.: Место преступления / CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Эпизод 4x17 XX

  • Статус:
  • Эпизод:
    4x17 (86)
  • Название:
  • Премьера:
    11 марта 2004 г.
  • Сценарист(ы):
    Ethlie Ann Vare
  • Режиссер(ы):
    Deran Sarafian
A mutilated female body is discovered tied to the undercarriage of a bus carrying prisoners from a women's correctional facility after a severed arm flies out from beneath the vehicle and strikes a car. Catherine leads the investigation and at first believes the woman was escaping, but the evidence increasingly points to murder. Back in town, Warrick probes the death of a gambler who was stabbed multiple times in his brother's kitchen.
К сожалению, пока еще не вышло ни одного релиза для данного эпизода