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C.S.I.: Место преступления / CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Эпизод 3x09 Blood Lust

  • Статус:
  • Эпизод:
    3x9 (55)
  • Название:
    Blood Lust
  • Премьера:
    5 декабря 2002 г.
  • Сценарист(ы):
    Carol Mendelsohn, Josh Berman
  • Режиссер(ы):
    Charlie Correll
Distracted by an attractive passenger, an Indian taxi driver feels his cab strike something at a suburban intersection. When he gets out to check, he finds a teenage boy pinned beneath the left rear tire, apparently killed on impact. The cabbie jumps back into the taxi to call for help, but a mob of angry onlookers - all of them white - drags him out and beats him for the crime. When Grissom arrives on the scene, he discovers that the teen has been eviscerated and has stab wounds, but shows no signs of having been struck by the cab.
К сожалению, пока еще не вышло ни одного релиза для данного эпизода