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C.S.I.: Место преступления / CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Эпизод 1x18 $35K O.B.O.

  • Статус:
  • Эпизод:
    1x18 (18)
  • Название:
    $35K O.B.O.
  • Премьера:
    29 марта 2001 г.
  • Сценарист(ы):
    Eli Talbert
  • Режиссер(ы):
    Roy H. Wagner
A couple leaving a restaurant on their anniversary are killed in the street and their car is stolen. The crime scene is compromised when it rains shortly after the CSIs arrive. It gets more mysterious when the car is found and it becomes a new crime scene. Catherine looks into the collapse of a city owned residence that kills three elderly women. She runs into problems with the city engineer responsible for the building.
К сожалению, пока еще не вышло ни одного релиза для данного эпизода