Buddhist stone carvings at Ili River , Kazakhstan. The term rock art appears in the published literature as early as the s. These include pictographs , which were painted or drawn onto the panel rock surface , petroglyphs , which were carved or engraved onto the panel, and earth figures such as earthforms, intaglios and geoglyphs. Some archaeologists also consider pits and grooves in the rock, known as cups, rings or cupules, as a form of rock art. In several regions, it remains spiritually important to indigenous peoples , who view it as a significant component of their cultural patrimony. As such, images taken from cave art have appeared on memorabilia and other artefacts sold as a part of the tourist industry. Such artworks have typically been made with mineral earths and other natural compounds found across much of the world.

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The panoramic views, historic studio, and quaint carriage roads immerse visitors in the beauty captured by Frederic Edwin Church, an influential American artist active in the late 19th century. Today, his home and artist-designed landscape have become a state park and historic site open to the public. You can visit the landscape for free or book a tour of the house or property to see how the Church family lived.

Frederic Edwin Church was the first American artist to achieve international acclaim for his landscape paintings. He was a world traveler: He was an adventurer: Yet he was also a family man who moved into a cozy little farm cottage after he got married and raised his family in the Catskill Mountains of New York. He spent the last years of life creating this place. Frederic passed away just three months after losing his beloved wife. The couple had six children — two died early in childhood, and the other four were raised in Olana.

This is where he evolved as an artist and made his fortune as a painter.

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The area is renowned for its raw coastline with iconic beaches and stretches of virgin rainforest set into the lush hillsides. Pristine and un-populated, with underground springs supplying abundant fresh water, Playa Grande is an alluring mix of sky, earth, and water. With origins dating back centuries, Hispaniola was first inhabited by the Taino Indians. The arrival of Columbus in marked the beginning of European presence in the Americas.

The Grand Admiral himself described the island as the most beautiful land that human eyes had ever seen. Each will embrace the breathtaking landscapes and encompass only the highest quality of finishes and craftsmanship.

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Anamorphism is usually considered a form of Illusion or Trompe l’oeil, but is really the logical mathematical continuation of Perspective. While studying Classical Architecture and Perspective, Kurt Wenner applied the principles of Classical Drawing and Classical Design to the sidewalk, completely transforming the art form. Masterpieces in Chalk was the National Geographic documentary that established 3D Street Painting as a new art form, but only after 15 years could other artists sometimes with the aid of computer programs replicate the illusions.

The most recent development in pavement art is interactive pavement art. Interactive sidewalk art, interactive pavement art, and interactive street painting, are all terms that describe large-scale paintings that allow members of the public to pose on them. Photographs of the works with participants posing on them are often posted on websites in order to take advantage of social networking. Art and Architecture Kurt Wenner is a master artist and architectural designer with an international following.

He is a muralist, sculptor, and ceramic artist. The scope of his work ranges from villas and residential architecture, to lavish interior design with original works in paint and decorative relief as well as classically inspired product design. In addition to works of art, Wenner develops educational programs, seminars and workshops, and corporate services. This site contains numerous galleries, with pavement art, drawings, architectural designs, paintings, murals, interior and exterior design, fine art and decorative relief.

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Overall, the debut of the catalogue represents a massive effort on the part of the Museum, which dedicated to the life and work of the Symbolist painter. Many privately owned drawings had previously been delivered to the museum for registration, some new drawings were brought to us, some were inspected by us in other collections — for drawings abroad we had to rely on the registrations made by the owners.

In a few instances, old black-and-white photographs or color slides had to be converted to a digital format. The majority of private owners lent their images free of charge. And they could; it was in fact the rear side of the Parliament, before the new extension.

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Even after visiting the exhibition, many may not realise the long accepted date of the eruption is even in doubt I saw the topic briefly mentioned a couple of times in item descriptions let alone that there exists a key piece of evidence that puts the date to bed definitively. Evidence that was sadly for me, anyway absent from the exhibition. Firstly, you may ask from where the traditional eruption date of 24th August originates?

In a letter [ 6. Yet these modern interpretations stem from questionable 16th Century translations, from authors who would have struggled to understand the dating conventions used in the original manuscripts. Manuscripts which in turn, may have been corrupted themselves. Despite this, scepticism for this summer eruption date has actually been widespread since the first large scale excavations in the 18th Century.

Circumstantial evidence pointing to late-Autumn date abounds: The fresh fruit and vegetables for sale on the day of disaster are unseasonal for August. The expected summer fruits had been dried for preservation. The October grape harvest and wine making season was completed with wine already sealed in jars.

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Based on radiocarbon dating , the cave appears to have been used by humans during two distinct periods: The later Gravettian occupation, which occurred 25, to 27, years ago, left little but a child’s footprints, the charred remains of ancient hearths [ citation needed ], and carbon smoke stains from torches that lit the caves. The footprints may be the oldest human footprints that can be dated accurately. After the child’s visit to the cave, evidence suggests that due to a landslide which covered its historical entrance, the cave remained untouched until it was discovered in

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The Chauvet prehistoric cave paintings in France have always glimmered with a mystery. An article in the June issue of Antiquity suggests that the paintings, dating back 30, years, may amount to the first animated cartoons. The Chauvet prehistoric cave paintings in France have always glimmered with a mystery: Are the multi-headed creature figures from mythology, folk art, or some kind of lost world?

An article in the June issue of Antiquity by archaeologist Marc Azema of the University of Toulouse and artist, Florent Rivere, suggest that the paintings, which are 30, years old, may amount to the first cartoons. They say the multiple images were a way of animating the images with flickering firelight. Prehistoric man foreshadowed one of the fundamental characteristics of visual perception, they write – Retinal persistence.

Marc Azema looked at 53 images in a dozen caves. Now, if you see them in a strong, steady light, the way most scientists have viewed them for decades, they looked like poly-headed horses, bison or lions. But if you see them by the light of a flickering torch, the images may look animated, showing the beasts running, rearing their heads, or swishing their tails. But there are no images of talking clown fish, singing Princesses or Archie and Jughead.

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