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He said that Mick Jagger’s partner Jeri Hall had mentioned in an interview that when she was growing up in Texas, boys gave raccoon penis bones to girls they liked as a form of love token or simple love spell. Jim said he had never heard of penis bones before and wondered if raccoons really had them. I responded that Jeri Hall was right — raccoons do have penis bones, although they are by no means the only species with such bones. For instance, seals, walruses and whales have them too, and these large penis bones, called oosiks by the Inuit, are used for making sled dog harness parts. The scientific name for these bones is os penis “penis bone” in Latin” and among their many common names are “love bone,” “pecker bone,” “coon dong” “possum prick,” Texas toothpick,” “mountain man toothpick” and “baculum” Latin for “little rod”. More to the point of Jim’s query, though, i can testify from personal experience that raccoon penis bones were used as charms and curios among white farm boys and men of the Missouri Ozarks in south-central Missouri, near the Arkansas line during the 10 years i lived there in the s s. Soon after my then-partner Peter Yronwode and i moved to the Ozarks in , we were told by a couple of local farmers that the proper way to prepare a pecker bone was to boil it clean and to tie a piece of red thread or string around it and give it to one’s girlfriend to wear as a necklace. Being non-hunting hippies, we made our charms from the penis bones of freshly road-killed male coons. We picked up road-kills anyway because we ate the meat and tanned the furs and sold the mittens and purses we made therefrom.

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When a non-human primate mother has her offspring, she has already invested considerably time as well as physical and metabolic energy to gestation and birth of the infant. Primatologists have long acknowledged the importance of death of a primate for calculations of demographic trends and constructing life tables Altman and Altman, Studies of behavioral responses to death among rhesus macaques include elevated grooming levels between group members, possibly to counteract the loss of a group member.

The living also engaged with the deceased by grooming, inspection, as well as aggression towards the corpse Buhl et al. Female hamadryas baboons show increase in stress hormone levels after the death of a conspecific Engh et al. Studies of chimpanzees group responses to pre- and post-death care of members of their cohort indicate that behaviors typically include close inspection and tests for signs of life at the moment of death, male aggression towards the corpse, all-night attendance by family members, cleaning of the corpse, and even avoidance of the place where death occurred see Goodall, , Anderson et al.

With excavations of Europe’s killing fields still unearthing the mortal remains of thousands of fallen soldiers, World War II still isn’t over for the people who find them, identify them and give.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The discovery of a mysterious creature resembling a dinosaur with flesh still on its bones has left scientists baffled. The partially-preserved corpse was uncovered by an electrician cleaning out a sub-station left untouched for 35 years. The creature — which was found in Jaspur, a small city in Uttarakhand, India — has now been sent for analysis, including carbon dating, which will reveal its age. Experts say that although it looks like a small dinosaur that could be near impossible as flightless dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years.

Scientists are stumped by the discovery Image: Pen News The creature resembling a dinosaur was found with flesh still on its bones in an abandoned electric substation Image: Pen News Read More Mystery after OAP ‘bursts into flames’ and dies in London street despite investigators finding no reason why blaze started Dr Parag Madhukar Dhakate, a Conservator with the Indian Forest Service, said that the creature would remain an enigma until scientific analysis had been completed.

Pen News He said: But if that was the case, how did it end up here?

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They concluded that the people around him who had no metal and lived by fishing, hunting and raising barely domesticated pigs, took the time and care to tend to his every need. Oxenham to ask what the dimensions of such a story are, what care for the sick and injured says about the culture that provided it. Two years later, they returned to the case to address the issue of health care head on.

Without that, she says, he could not have stayed alive. Credit Lorna Tilley Such cases include at least one Neanderthal, Shanidar 1 , from a site in Iraq, dating to 45, years ago, who died around age 50 with one arm amputated, loss of vision in one eye and other injuries. Another is Windover boy from about 7, years ago, found in Florida, who had a severe congenital spinal malformation known as spina bifida, and lived to around age

Roger Lewin, in “Bones of Contention”, has earned for himself the title “Whistleblower of Paleoanthropology.” He gives us an insiders’ view and paints a picture of a “science” given over to wholly subjective interpretations of the evidence, and prima donna egos run amok.

ISBN Nazi black magic and the anti-christ order Heinrich Himmler, whose arrest as a traitor Hitler had ordered on 28 April for negotiating with the Allies, was captured by a British patrol on 23 May. Hitler had sown seeds of the deepest hatred between Nazis and Communists in his teaching and in the cruelty and mass murder he had launched in Russia. Now it was the turn of the Soviets. Nazism reached its end in a Berlin turned into a battleground of unparalleled violence, fire and brutality as the Soviet forces dealt blows of destruc-tion and revenge.

It was as if the Satanic essence of Nazism shone through the flames and the ruins. From 20 November to 1 October the Nuremberg International Tribunal tried 24 members of the Nazi hierarchy as war criminals, accusing them of crimes ‘against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity Twelve were sentenced to death, Bormann in his absence.

Goering poisoned himself shortly before he was due to be executed. Von Schirach and Speer were sentenced to 20 years, von Neurath to 15 and Admiral Doenitz to 10 years. Lesser lights, such as obscure S.

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This is a invention from the US defense company Raytheon: What are the pros and cons of the machine? He was a recipient of U. Trump was noted for developing rotational radiation therapy.

MVD Sergeant/Soldier Parade/Service This cap would have been worn by a sergeant or conscript soldier of the MVD Internal Troops. It is the successor to the blue-topped caps worn by the NKVD described above.

In one mouse model, inadequate VEGF causes mesenchymal cells in bone to become adipocytes rather than osteoblasts: Egyptian mummy ladies had much less osteoporosis for their ages than our ladies do; perhaps they were more active physically than American folks today Lancet This is a topic under “nutritional disease” and of course in childhood it produces rickets.

Adults with dietary calcium deficiency poverty, elderly “tea and toast” eaters, people subsisting mostly on vegetables or malabsorption especially, remember celiac sprue and post-bypass surgery for obesity — South. The skeleton will even light up on bone scan why? Even people “who are not at risk” turn up with it, and curiously, the “complementary medicine community” vitamin buffs are paying this very little attention. They had almost three times as many fractures as other kids, most often following trivial injury.

This does not surprise me at all. Of course, a mutated FGF23 causing overproduction of its protein causes osteomalacia “autosomal dominant hypophosphatemic rickets”. If you are looking at a section of bone that was made without the bone being decalcified which is hard to do , you’ll see that the osteoid seams aren’t well-mineralized. More likely, you’ll be looking at decalcified bone, and recognize osteomalacia as very wide osteoid seams the osteoblasts don’t stop laying down the collagen until they sense they’ve mineralized it.

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Enlarge Patients who drank more than six cans of coke a day reported symptoms including lethargy, vomiting and an irregular heart beat Drinking large quantities of cola could lead to muscle problems, an irregular heartbeat and bone weakness, according to experts. The number of cola-lovers suffering health issues is on the rise as the food industry pushes towards an ‘increase in portion sizes’, they added.

As well as tooth decay, diabetes and ‘softening’ of the bones, doctors have seen patients suffering from hypokalaemia – where potassium levels in the blood drop too low. This can increase the risk of muscle problems and heart rhythm abnormalities, which could prove fatal in some cases.

Feb 21,  · I would be more offended by the idea that, if someone finds my bones in 9, years, they would stick them back in the dirt rather than learn as much as they can from them.

On his farm just outside Chelsea, Michigan, he found an enormous rib bone. Recently, the paleontologists returned to the site to see if they could uncover more bones. They found more from the same animal, as well as some surprising information suggesting that early humans had been there to eat it. In , a farmer found this mammoth on his farm in Michigan. In , more bones told a new story to scientists.

Excavators found several mammoth bones at the bottom of what was once a pond, as well as three out-of-place boulders.

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Recent Fossils Grand Canyon has so much more than pretty scenery. It contains an amazing diversity of rock formations with an abundance of fossils hidden within. The sedimentary rocks exposed throughout the canyon are rich with marine fossils such as crinoids, brachiopods, and sponges with several layers containing terrestrial fossils such as leaf and dragonfly wing impressions, and footprints of scorpions, centipedes, and reptiles.

While excavating the Stepney Green station in East London, archaeologists came across a 19th-century cesspit dating to sometime after The waste hole was filled with tobacco pipes and.

One of Sweets’ foster fathers. Aubrey’s embezzling father isn’t physically abusive as far as we know but he’s definitely cold-hearted and manipulative, enough to pretend to have a family to support in order to wring money from his own son. Inverted by intern Arastoo Vaziri who isn’t actually “fresh off the boat”, but is pretending to be so he won’t have to take any grief for his devout Muslim beliefs.

I Forgot I Was Married: Angela, so drunk she forgot it and implied that she didn’t think it counted; she had no idea the paperwork had been filed. Most of the regular male cast: Zack, Hodgins, Sweets, Vincent and Aubry. Brennan is an uncommon female example. Despite geeky traits, Booth comic book collector, although that is his only one and Wendell though half the time you want to coddle him are a little too macho to count, and Edison and Arastoo after being caught faking his accent seem a bit too smooth.

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